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International Recruitment

As a Romanian recruitment agency, we take it upon ourselves to find the best-suited candidates for your company's recruitment needs. Whether your company requires a trainee engineer, a senior consultant, or a general manager; we fulfill your hiring requirements by going beyond geographical boundaries.


An Exceptional International Recruitment Process

HR Daily is one of the leading full-service recruitment firms in Romania that provide different types of international staffing solutions across industries like travel and tourism, construction, hospital, retail, media, marketing, e-commerce, hospitality, logistics, engineering, manufacturing, and more.


Our team of recruiters possesses more than 10 years of recruiting experience in national as well as international hiring processes. Besides, our diversified global clientele has exposed us to the underlying requirements of each industry, which helps us to come up with unique industry-specific solutions every time.


How Our Process Is Different?

  • Identifying your recruitment expectations, requirements, and organization structure

  • Outlining the skills required from the ideal candidate

  • Source the best candidates from our vast database pool and job ad postings

  • Pre-screening candidates with interviews

  • Finalizing the candidate and managing other formalities like reference check, visa, immigration, and orientation

Find Candidates That Are The Perfect Fit

Being one of the best recruitment agencies in Romania, HR Daily firmly believes in sourcing candidates who can easily fit into your organizational culture from day one. That's why apart from qualifications, we also stress analyzing the candidates' adaptiveness, expectations, and career goals as well while initial screening. After all, a culturally fit and involved candidate would be able to contribute more towards your business growth than just another qualified individual.


Get The Most Accurate Candidate Information

Our recruitment team ensures to collect as much information as possible about the potential candidates to help you hire the ideal one. For that, we rigorously carry out candidates' background checks including their personal and previous employment details.

Apart from that, our international recruitment process also requires candidates to undergo the necessary medical check-ups. While these tests help to ascertain the candidates' fitness to join your overseas company, it also saves you precious time and aids in choosing the right candidate.

Helping With Migration Process

HR Daily makes the process of hiring talent from foreign countries incredibly smooth. With our experience in handling international recruitment, we're thoroughly in-line with the immigration and visa requirements of various countries. It helps us ensure there are no delays in furnishing the required permits and documents to facilitate a quick candidate-joining.


Bridging The Gap Between Candidate And Organization

HR Daily believes in being the medium between organizations and candidates. That's why after successful selection, we take the responsibility of guiding the candidates through the organization's culture, ethics, safety, and labor laws of that particular country and all such necessary information so that the candidates' transition becomes positive and relatively smoother

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